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How to show total prices everywhere on Airbnb

  1. Go to airbnb.com.au. If you’re already on an airbnb.com search results or listing page, just add .au after the .com.

    Australian law requires that companies always show total price in search results.

  2. At the bottom of the page, choose your preferred currency. Here I’ve chosen USD.

  3. Now search results and other pages that display pricing will show the complete total price – including all cleaning fees and taxes. No more surprises.

    Here’s the Australian version of the map search page. Note that the prices on the map are totals, and the “total breakdown” includes taxes and fees.

    Compare to the US version of the map search page. The map itself only shows nightly rates, and the “total” prices don’t include taxes or fees.

    Here’s a comparison of the price breakdown on a listing page:

  4. Just to be safe, head back to airbnb.com when you’ve chosen something to book – just to be sure you end up paying the right kinds of tax. There’s usually only tiny variation in price.